The Top 60 Honda Blogs and Forums – Award Winners

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Top 60 Honda Blogs and ForumsIf you love your Honda then we hope you find our Honda Navigation System Update website useful.  This website is run by fans of Honda cars and vehicles just like you – and we aim to offer the best information available on how you can update your in-dashboard GPS device.

However, there are also loads of other Honda enthusiasts also out on the web who run some superb blogs and forums all about the vehicles that we know and love.  Below is a list of what we believe to be the best of the best and we’ve split them up by the range that they specialize in – over the last few years, every single one of these websites has helped the team who run this one either discuss problems with their vehicle, or just get the latest news.  Check them all out below and see what you think.

Please note that these links are in no particular order of preference, and have been placed alphabetically for simplicity’s sake.

The Top 60 Independent List

Website Name & Link Car Type Category
7th Generation Honda Civic Civic Forum
8th Generation Honda Civic Forum Civic Forum
9th Generation Honda Civic Civic Forum
Accord Tail Lights Blog Accord Blog
Aero Civic – Modifying for Maximum MPG Civic Blog
AutoBlog – Honda General News
Blog Honda General Blog
Civic Forums Civic Forum
Classic Honda Forum General Forum
Club Civic Civic Forum
Crosstour Owners Club Crosstour Forum
C-RV Owners Club C-RV Forum
Drive Accord Accord Forum
Element Owners Club Element Forum
Fit Freak Fit Forum
Fit Owners Club Fit Forum
Freedom Honda Blog General Blog
Honda Accord Forum Accord Forum
Honda Civic Accessories Blog Civic Blog
Honda Civic Blog & Tuning Civic Blog
Honda Civic Enthusiast’s Forum Civic Forum
Honda Civic Si 2.0 Blog Civic Blog
Honda Club General Forum
Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car Forums CR-Z Forum
Honda Fit Blog Fit Blog
Honda Fit Forums Fit Forum
Honda Hang Out General Blog
Honda Insight Repair & Upgrade Blog Insight Blog
Honda Owners General Forum
Honda Owners Online Community General Forum
Honda Parts Unlimited General Parts
Honda Performance Blog General Blog
Honda Prelude Forum Prelude Forum
Honda Ridgeline Blog & News Ridgeline Blog
Honda Sports Registry General Blog
Honda SUV Forum C-RV Forum
Honda Swap General Forum
Honda Talk General Blog
Honda Tech General Forum
Honda Tuning Mag Blog General Blog
Honda Tuning Magazine General News
Honda United General Forum
Honda Users Network General Blog
Howdy Honda Blog General Blog
Insight Central Insight Forum
Klein Honda Blog General Blog
Ody Club Odyssey Forum
Odyssey Owners Club Odyssey Forum
Open Source Civic EV Kit Civic Blog
Piloteers – Everything About the Pilot Pilot Forum
Prelude Power Prelude Forum
Prelude Tuners & Enthusiasts Prelude Forum
Ridgeline Blog Ridgeline Blog
Ridgeline Owners Club Ridgeline Forum
Super Honda General Forum
The Acura & Honda Blog General Blog
The Honda Portal General Blog
The UK Honda Blog General Blog
Ultimate Unofficial Honda Enthusiast’s Forum General Forum
Wired on Honda General Forum

Here are a few things to consider when browsing the top 60 Honda websites:

  • Each blog and website has been categorized by consideration of what we believe to be its main focus.  If you feel that your site is listed incorrectly please get in touch using our contact page.
  • If you know of a worthy blog or website that we’ve missed off the list then please let us know.  There are so many excellent online resources that it might mean that we’ve missed you off by mistake.

What Was the Selection Criteria?

The team behind the Honda Navigation DVD website personally visited each and every single one of these websites and read a post on all of them to check for both quality and consistency of advice.  Many of them are already in our own personal bookmarks, and we are also active members of some of the forums listed above.  These really are our own favorites and would not recommend them if that wasn’t the case.

What Should You Do Next?

It’s quite simple – we want you to start exploring all the websites that we’ve listed so you can start to learn more about your Honda and also share and discuss the vehicles that you love.  We would recommend that you bookmark this page too so you can come back later if you want to get more information on a particular topic of interest.  It might not be easy to explore all the pages we link to in one go so take your time and keep coming back to try out another link.

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Crediting and Linking Back to Us

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