Honda Pilot Navigation DVD & GPS Update 2018

Honda Pilot GPSIf your Honda Pilot Navigation System has recently not been as accurate as it once was then it might be time for you to grab a Honda Pilot GPS Update.  You will be pleased to hear that the latest Honda Pilot Navigation DVD for 2018 is now available and there are links below which will take you to the best price navigation disc offers available on the web.

New Honda Pilot Navigation DVD 2018 – Out Now!

Click for the Honda Navigation Update 2013 - New GPS Maps

Which Honda Pilot Navigation DVD Update?

Below is a table which explains which version of the Navi disk you will need to purchase.  Don’t worry though, because when you visit Honda’s official navigation store you will be prompted to select your model’s year via a drop-down menu – so you won’t get sent the wrong DVD GPS upgrade in the post.

Honda Odyssey Pilot System Year

Honda Pilot Navigation Disc Version

2003 2018 Black DVD Map Update v2.90
2004 { }
2005 { }
2006 2018 White DVD Map Update v4.B1
2007 { }
2008 { }
2009 { }
2010 { }
2011 { }
2012 / 2013 / 2014 /2015 / 2016 / 2017 { }

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More About the Honda Pilot Navigation System Update

Although Honda is a Japanese company, the Pilot SUV is manufactured in the United States.  The first ever model was produced in 2002, with the second generation version rolling out of the production plant in 2008.  The Honda Pilot sells in huge numbers and is extremely popular amongst drivers, with over 100,000 models sold in 2004 alone.

Honda Pilot Vehicle

The Honda Pilot Navigation System is typically an optional extra that you can have installed into the dashboard.  If you have the GPS system installed in your model and it is older than one year old, then you should definitely update your Honda Pilot DVD with the latest map updates – and you can do that using the links and banners on this overview page.

Honda Pilot Navi DVD Download & Hack

Despite what you hear, there’s no option available online for Honda Pilot GPS DVD downloads, and those websites promising you a hack or a torrent version of the official disk are worth steering clear of.  Each official Honda Pilot Navigation DVD comes with a unique customer authentication number which you will need to program into your in-dashboard GPS.

So the only way for you to update the navigation system is to purchase the official Honda Pilot DVD 2018 – do that online today and you can then drive with the confidence that you have the most current directions available for your vehicle.