Honda Odyssey Navigation Update & 2018 DVD GPS Updates

Honda Odyssey CarThe new Honda Odyssey Navigation DVD Update is now available for 2018, having been released in September of 2017.  If you own this car and want to get the latest maps, directions, routes, and POIs then you will need to upgrade your Odyssey navigation system with this new Honda Navigation Disc.

Buy online today and you will benefit from having the most current Honda GPS Updates and maps that money can buy, as the 2018 Honda Odyssey GPS Update includes any changes that have occurred since you last upgraded, or since you bought your vehicle brand new.

Honda Odyssey Navigation DVD 2018 – Available Now!

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Which Version of the Honda Odyssey DVD Will You Need?

Below is a table which represents which navi DVD disk you will need to buy.  Please note that all of these navigation discs can be purchased on the links and banners on this page, and once you are on the official Honda map update website, you will be given the opportunity to select your car’s year of manufacture.

Honda Odyssey Navigation System Year

Honda Civic Navigation Disc Version

2000 2018 Black DVD Map Update v2.90
2001 { }
2002 { }
2003 { }
2004 { }
2005 2018 White DVD Map Update for 2005 Odyssey
2006 2018 White DVD Map Update v4.B1
2007 { }
2008 { }
2009 { }
2010 { }
2011 { }
2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016  2017 { }


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History of the Honda Odyssey Navigation System

The Honda Odyssey was originally a minivan that first rolled off the production lines in 1994 in Japan. Since then it has morphed into a larger MPV type vehicle in order to gain acceptance in the North American market where it has been seen on the nation’s roads since 1999. It is now a very popular vehicle and the second generation model in 2004 won reliability ratings of five out of five according to the Automotive Information Systems grading. From 2000 the first in-dash navigation systems were offered in the Odyssey – which were called the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System – making this the first ever minivan to come with a factory-installed dashboard GPS device.

Honda Odyssey Map Updates for Dashboard Navi

In 2005 the third generation models of the Odyssey were released which included a greater engine power, a dashboard-mounted shifter, and ACE body engineering to name but a few upgrades. In addition to that the Honda Odyssey Navigation System was greatly improved, with advanced mapping and routing running off a navigation disc – which meant Honda map updates needed to be installed to keep the system current. Touring models of the Odyssey now all have the Honda GPS installed as standard.

Honda Odyssey Navigation DVD Download

Many websites will promise you the option of a Honda GPS DVD hack or torrent download. Please don’t try and installed these Honda map updates as they will not work with the Odyssey in-dash GPS device – and if anything could damage your system or compromise the workings of it. You should always purchase the 100% official Honda Odyssey DVD navigation disc if you want to keep your maps fresh and up to date, and want the system to remain in good working order.