Honda Insight Navigation System Update & GPS Maps

The Honda Insight - Get New Map UpdatesIt’s that time of year again when the new Honda Insight Navigation DVD is released, and you can check for the cheapest price Insight GPS Disc by using the links and banners on this page.  You should update your Honda Maps every year when the latest DVD is released as you will benefit from up to date directions, millions of POIs, and changes to roads and business addresses in the United States.  The new Insight Navi DVD is very easy to install and we have some instructions on how to do so on the homepage.

Get the 2018 Honda Insight Navigation DVD and Disc

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Which Honda Insight Navigation DVD?

All the Honda Insights that come packaged with GPS navigation built-in to the dashboard use the 2018 Turquoise DVD Map Update (v6.A2) – but if that ever changes then we will update the table that you see below to reflect any changes.  This is the correct version of the navi disc that you should purchase in order to install the new mapping database into your vehicle.

Honda Insight  Year

Honda  Navigation DVD Version

2009 2018 Turquoise DVD Map Update v6.A2
2010 { }
2011 { }
2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 { }


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The Honda Insight Navigation System

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric car and was first produced in 1999 making it one of the first generation vehicles of its type from Honda.  The 2000 model is rated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as the most fuel efficient car on the roads.  It’s possible to make it even more fuel-efficient though just by making sure that your dashboard GPS is up to date with the latest Honda Navigation DVD and map updates which are available on disc on the links below.

The 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid Electric Car

The new 2016 Honda Insight comes with GPS navigation that includes voice recognition and FM traffic alerts meaning you can always stay one step ahead of any traffic jams and other road users – making your journeys more economical than ever.

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If you wish to find out more about the fantastic money-saving qualities of updating your Honda GPS then please visit our homepage which details how much you can save on an average American car journey.  Make sure you also bookmark the website as each year we will be updating the site when the new disc and DVD is released.