Honda Element Navigation System Update & GPS DVD

The Honda Element SUVIf you want to update the maps in your Honda Element then please click on the banner below to get started.  The latest 2018 Disc has now been released and is compatible with all models ranging from 2009 to the 2017 versions.  The correct DVD for the Element SUVs is the Turquoise DVD Map Update v6.A2 and the cheapest online price can be accessed via the links in this page which will take you to the official Honda Element Navigation System Updates website.
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Why Buy Cheap Honda Map Updates?

By purchasing and installing the new Element Navi Disc you will benefit from a dashboard GPS that is both reliable and accurate.  In addition to that it contains millions of destinations that you can access whilst on your journey to new places and attractions – as well as any changes to business addresses.

Which Honda Element DVD For You?

The table below details which installed discs are compatible with the Element SUV.  Because the Element has standard navigation relatively late from the 2009 model onwards, there’s only actually one disc version of the map updates that you will need to get.  See the table for references.

Honda Element Model Year

Honda  Navigation DVD Version

2009 2018 Turquoise DVD Map Update v6.B0
2010 { }
2011 { }
2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 { }


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More Info on the Honda Element Navigation System

The Honda Element is a compact cross-over SUV which takes its inspiration from the CR-V model and was launched in the United States back in 2002.  However, it wasn’t until 2009 that the manufacturer started to place an in-dashboard GPS navigation system into the vehicle which was designed to look very similar cosmetically to the Pilot GPS and Ridgeline Navigation versions.

Large Photo of the Element SUV

Sadly in 2010 Honda announced that they would no longer be making the Element after the 2011 model came out.  However, for years to come it will still be possible for you to update Honda Element GPS systems using this website and the links to the official store.  You can do that on the link below:

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If you would like more information on how the latest DVD can save you on money and gas bills please read the Honda Navigation DVD homepage which goes into a lot more detail.