Honda CRV Navigation DVD Update 2018

Honda CarThe new Honda CRV Navigation DVD is out now and includes all the new map updates, directions, routes and points of interest files including all road changes from the last twelve months.

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Click for the Honda Navigation Update 2013 - New GPS Maps

Why Buy the Honda Navigation DVD 2018?

The latest Honda CRV GPS Updates are out now with all the road network changes from the last year updated and upgraded meaning you will no longer get lost on new roads.  It will also save you on fuel and C02 emissions (see homepage for details) plus includes millions of touch and go destination designed to make your journeys easier and more efficient.

Which Honda CRV Navigation DVD Update?

All Honda CRV’s use the same navigation disc which is the Turquoise v6.A2 DVD update.  Please see our reference table below which we will edit each year a new car comes out – meaning you can always be sure you know which software upgrade is suitable for your year of manufacture.  If you buy the updated version now it will take a few days to arrive in the post and then the installation process is very easy to complete.

Honda CRV System Year

Honda CRV Navigation Disc Version

2007 2018 Turquoise DVD Map Update v6.B0
2008 { }
2009 { }
2010 { }
2011 { }
2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 { }

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About the Honda CRV Navigation System

The Honda CRV is a small and compact SUV and has been in the American vehicle market place since 1995.  It was originally conceived as an upgrade to the Honda Civic model and the CRV actually stands for Civic Recreation Vehicle.  As far as the Honda CRV navigation system goes, this was first seen in CRV models in the year 2000 when a new special edition model was released, and since then it has become more common as an in-built dashboard GPS system in the later versions.

Example Vehicle in Blue

Third generation CRVs from 2007 to 2011 have integrated navigation on the EX-L models, some of which even include a rear view camera to help with reversing and parking situations.  If you do have a model which comes with the in-built GPS then you will need to purchase the new Honda Navigation CRV DVD disc at least once a year when it gets released in order to always have the most up to date directions and routes available to you.

The latest Honda CRV Navi comes with eight gigabytes of memory plus also includes voice navigation – meaning you can speak your commands to it, and it will then navigate to your destination.  In addition to that, the Navi screen will serve as a camera which lets you see what’s behind you when you are reversing.

Honda CRV Navigation DVD Hacks and Torrents

Please do not download any torrent files or hacked software which claims to contain CRV GPS Map Updates.  They will not work and could invalidate your warranties – or worse still compromised the security of your PC or damage your in-dashboard GPS device.