Honda Navigation DVD 2017 & Honda GPS Update

Welcome to our independent Honda Navigation DVD update website.  We are a collection of Honda enthusiasts who have put this website guide together to help you choose and upgrade your Navi in the easiest and most simple way possible.  Please note that the new Honda Navigation DVD 2017 has now been released and you can get the best price on the banner below – please click that to continue, or scroll down to find out everything there is to know about Honda GPS Updates for in-dash systems.

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2017 Honda Navigation DVD – Out Now!

The new 2017 Honda Navigation DVD was released in September 2014 and now available from the official Honda Navigation Store – >click this link for more details.

Typically Honda GPS updates are released in a disc or DVD format in the fall of every year.  If you are not sure what version you are already running in your auto vehicle then you can easily check as the year’s number will be printed on your existing DVD in the format of Ver:x.xx.  Take care to remove your existing Honda Navigation DVD and please check your owner’s manual if you struggle to access the in-dash GPS device.

Please note that this website is purely for information purposes only, we are not representative of the manufacturer, we purely run this as an resource for owners and enthusiasts like ourselves.  If you wish to purchase the Honda Navigation DVD then you can do that on this link below:

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What Does the Honda Navigation System Update Include?

The all new Honda Navigation DVD update will ensure that your in-dash system is upgraded with all the new streets, roads, junctions, subdivisions, and highway changes that have happened across the United States since you bought your car, or since you last installed Honda map updates.  This will give you the peace of mind to continue to use your in-dashboard navigation with reduced chance of getting lost, or being late arriving at your destination – this is because the routes will be as accurate as can possibly be with the new software release.

The new DVD and disc will include coverage for verified and unverified roads within all of the 48 contiguous United States so all angles are covered for use within America (with exception to the Hawaii and Alaska states).

In addition to that, the updated navigation map database also includes items called Points of Interest.  POIs are useful items that you can navigate to at the touch of a button and feature locations such as shopping malls, stores, accommodation, restaurants, tourist attractions, and much more.  The millions of POIs are updated on an annual basis and come free as part of the Honda Navigation System DVD upgrade.

Which Honda Models are Covered by the Navigation Disc?

If you own a Honda and it has in-built, factory-installed navigation in the dashboard, then the latest Honda Navigation CD will be 100% compatible in your car or vehicle.  For more information on your exact model and year please select from the links below:

Save Money with the New Honda GPS Update

If you decide to purchase the latest disk then you can expect to save time, money, fuel, and on CO2 emissions.  Below is a short graphical illustration which shows the money savings that can be made should you decide to upgrade your routes and directions software on your in-dash device.  This is because the auto navigation system will let you choose the quickest or shortest route and lets you help avoid certain areas which lead to a high fuel consumption.

These costs and assumptions are based upon a gas price of $3.5 US Dollars per gallon and an average annual mileage of 15,000 miles (based on US Department of Transportation figures for 2011) driven in both inner-city and outer areas.  It’s also calculated on a gasoline run vehicle of between 2 and 3 litres engine size.

Save Money and Fuel with GPS Updates

How to Install the 2017 Honda DVD Map Update

Installation and loading of the new map database is very straight-forward.  Once you have received your new upgrade of the latest Honda Navigation GPS DVD just follow these very simple instructions:

  1. Start up your car’s ignition and engine
  2. Turn on the power on the Honda in-dash GPS system
  3. Remove your old DVD and insert the new version into the disc tray or slot
  4. Enter your unique customer Authorization Code which is on the new DVD case
  5. The Honda GPS update will then commence so follow on prompts that you see

Once the new maps and routes are installed you are ready to start driving again, safe in the knowledge that you have the most up to date directions possible for the Honda Navigation system.

What About a Honda Navigation DVD Download, Torrent or Hack?

As well as containing any road changes and updates to the nation’s highways, this is the only official way in which you can successfully update your Honda Navi system.  You will see some websites which promise to offer a Honda Hack or Torrent copy of the DVD.  We advise that you never take this option up for a number of reasons.  For a start only the official map updates will work with your navigation system, and each DVD is shipped with a unique customer authentication code.

There is the possibly of harming your in-dash system should you download a Honda torrent version of the software.  This could in turn invalidate any warranty or guarantee that you have with your Honda dealer or the manufacturer.  It really is not worth it, plus many hack and torrent websites are renowned for also deceptively installing viruses and Trojan Horse programs on the recipient’s computer or PC.

We Hope You Find this Information Useful

We hope you find our independent advice and enthusiast’s website useful.  Should you wish to know more about the different versions that are available, including Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Pilot and the other car models in the range then please use the links towards the top of this page.  If you are after map updates for any other brands then you should click here to see this website that specializes in every single brand of the HERE Navigation DVDs.  Car brands include Acura, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, and also Garmin too.